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Career Office Campus Berlin


The Career Office Berlin supports students in their professional development and empowers them to manage the transition into the labour market. Emphasis is put on the following crucial features:

  1.     Career Preparation Programme
    Individual appointments regarding professional development
    Career workshops
    Career Talks
  2.      Services for alumnae and alumni even after graduation

The Career Preparation Programme addresses all students and offers comprehensive guidance according to students’ individual needs. This programme is free of charge and is meant to guide students through the application process as such as well as beyond. This means, students are welcome to turn to the Career Office even after graduation.

The package offered to you includes individual appointments, standardized workshops regarding your CV, your cover letter as well as interview trainings. Additionally, there are opportunities to exchange ideas with company representatives and build your own professional network.

The individual appointments focus on working out students’ strengths and potential so as to ensure a clear understanding of which professional positions might be a good fit for the students. A more standardized approach to support students in their career development is taken by offering regular workshops featuring both presentations regarding CV and cover letters as well as interactive and peer-to-peer elements. The objective of these workshops is to convey to the participants the necessary input regarding the application documents as well as the elevator pitch. The latter is crucial in any networking context. Such as context is offered by the Career Talks, a series of evening events that provides students, alumnae, and alumni with the opportunity to meet employers and to exchange ideas.

The support offered by the Career Office implies a life-long service to all students even after graduation, i.e. to alumnae and alumni.





Jan fischoeder

Jan Fischoeder

Career Office Berlin

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