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Upcoming Dates and Deadlines

all campuses: course registration for SS 2020 (courses to re-take)
03-03-202006-03-2020Campus Bad Honnef: Orientation
09-03-202018-03-2020Campus Bad Honnef: course registration for SS 2020 (Languages, optional and regular)
09-03-2020 Campus Bad Honnef: start of regular lectures SS 2020
Please note that further dates and deadlines are published in CARE, section OSP (Academic Calendar resp. Registration Periods)

Examination periods  SS 2020

06.04.202017.04.2020Enrolment period Re-sits
06.04.202001.05.2020Cancellation enrolment Re-sits
11.05.202015.05.2020Exam period Re-sits
04.05.202015.05.2020Enrolment period Mid Terms
04.05.202022.05.2020Cancellation enrolment Mid Terms
01.06.202009.06.2020Exam period Mid Terms
08.06.202019.06.2020Enrolment period Finals
08.06.202003.07.2020Cancellation period Finals
13.07.202024.07.2020Exam period Finals