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Campus Management is the head office of all departments. Here we assist students with any situations or problems that they may have. From repairs to large-event planning, it is our job to make life on campus more entertaining, comfortable & social.

Bad Honnef Campus

Contact Email:

Office Location: Building I - Room 214

Regular Office Hours: Monday to Friday: 10:00 - 12:00 & 14:00 - 16:30

André Nitschke

Campus Manager / Managing Director CPS GmbH


Phone: +49 (0)2224 9605 - 370

Office: Building One - Room 214

Campus Bad Honnef

Janina Yazici

Assistant Campus Manager


Office: Building One - Room 214

Campus Bad Honnef

Svyatoslav Koshukov

Marketing & Relations


Phone: +49 (0)157 30975125

Office: Building One - Room 214

Campus Bad Honnef

Venues & Gastronomy

IU Bad Honnef campus consists out of four gastronomy venues, that provide various services for our students as well as outside guests.
Das Anno
Charly's Lounge Mensa









Events & Social Activities

University life should not only be about studying and passing exams, and we as Campus Management understand this. For this reason, there are always events, social activities, and various societies on our Campus. You can always find a society that you can join, or an event that you can attend, however, we are always welcome to hearing any new suggestions.  


Student Life Association (SLA)


Leo Club Bad Honnef


IUBH Student Reps (ISR)







Feedback & Changes

To improve the lives of our students, we are always open to hearing feedback. Your opinion and personal experience matter to us, as it allows for changes to be made. As experience shows, there is always room for improvement and upgrades.
We always take pride in the changes we make, and there are countless examples of how IU Bad Honnef has developed over the years. One of the most noticeable changes that our campus is experiencing, is the transition into a digital age of virtual classes and social media.
If you would like to share your experience, with a specific situation, problem, or case, we strongly advise to contact the department heads first, however, if you prefer discussing the matter with our Campus Managers, feel to contact them at