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all campuses: Registration for c.e. repetition starts - mind the deadline

all campuses: ongoing registration for Foreign Languages as elective in SS 2020 - last day of enrolment is 20 January 2020

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Upcoming Dates and Deadlines

 Campus Berlin: Graduation
21-10-201925-10-2019all campuses: examinations (re-sits)
 Campus Bad Honnef: Graduation
06-11-2019Campus Bad Honnef: Career Days
12-11-201925-11-2019all campuses: course registration for SS 2020 (Electives, Major)

Campus Bad Honnef: start of regular lectures WS 2019 (PreStudies, PreMaster)

Please note that further dates and deadlines are published in CARE, section OSP (Academic Calendar resp. Registration Periods)

Examination periods  WS 2019/2020

16.09.201927.09.2019Enrolment period Re-sits
16.09.201911.10.2019Cancellation enrolment Re-sits
21.10.201925.10.2019Exam period Re-sits
28.10.201908.11.2019Enrolment period Mid Terms
28.10.201922.11.2019Cancellation enrolment Mid Terms
02.12.201910.12.2019Exam period Mid Terms
16.12.201908.01.2020Enrolment period Finals
16.12.201917.01.2020Cancellation period Finals
07.02.2020Exam period Finals